Composite deck, flagstone patio, and shed in Louisville, Colorado

This deck and patio were just completed in Louisville, Colorado.

The deck is woodland brown.  We used Trek Accent, composite materials.  The Trek Accent is great because it allows you to see the wood grain.  We also used hidden fasteners on this deck, so you’ll never see a nail or screw.

The stairway has recessed lighting to help guide family members and guests to their new flagstone patio.

Composite Deck 1

Composite Deck 2

Composite Deck 3

Composite Deck 4

Composite Deck 5

We also built a custom shed to match the house.  For the shed we used beetle kill wood and all recycled materials from Resource 2000.  This saved these homeowners a lot of money.

Composite Deck 6

Shed Front

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