Choosing the Best Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation System or Adjusting Existing

Watered Lawn in Boulder Longmont CORedwood Landscape installs and maintains quality, water-efficient sprinkler irrigation systems in the greater Longmont Boulder CO area. Here are some points to consider when evaluating your current irrigation or choosing a new system for your lawn and garden.

Best Lawn Irrigation Practices

  • Uniformity – look for good coverage of water over grass.  If it takes 20 minutes to get that brown spot hydrated, while other areas of the grass are flooded, you have poor uniformity.  Your grass should get exactly the same amount of water everywhere in a given amount of time. Lawn heads should provide head to head coverage.  The heads should spray each other.  It they do not, your system will have poor uniformity.
  • No overspray—your planting beds should NOT be getting wet from your lawn sprinklers.  This will only encourage weed growth.  A well installed sprinkler system will have lawn zones and they will only water the lawn while bed zones should be drip lines or soaker hoses. This will help keep your beds weed-free, while avoiding over-watering of your landscape plants.
  • Make sure your heads are at the correct height. Too low = the spray is blocked by the grass.  Too high = your lawnmower will quickly make coleslaw of your sprinkler head.
  • Your valves should be installed in a clean, dry box with plenty of room around the valves for future work.  If the installer set the valves too close together, you may have a horrible time trying to replace one in the future.  If there is no fabric under the valves, soil will creep up and cover the valves over time.  The valves should have fabric and preferably rock under them to keep soil / water out of the valve box.   All too many times, I’ve seen valves set in wet locations, covered in soil, installed too close together for anyone to get their hand around.  It’s frustrating.
  • A good system will use the correct head for the location.  Shorter spray pop-ups are great for 5-15’ of spray, rotors and impact heads are great for 15’ to 30’ spray patterns.  I’ve seen so many rotor heads spraying 25 feet trying to water a strip of grass 10 feet wide, and spraying the fence and beds in the process.  All because the installer didn’t want to dig a trench to install the right head in the right location.

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