Are you ready for winter in Longmont Boulder CO?

Man raking leaves in garden

Don’t forget about your lawn. You may not realize that what you do now for your lawn and garden will have a great impact on the way it looks next summer. As easy as it is to just let your grass die and forget about it, putting a little effort in now will make next summer easier and your lawn will look amazing for it! Continue reading

Stacked Flagstone Retaining Walls and Stairs in Boulder CO

The finished stacked stone retaining walls and stairs

A hillside home in the Pine Brook Hills neighborhood of Boulder hired Redwood Landscape to transform an unusable backyard into a beautifully terraced landscape. Redwood installed a dry stacked red flagstone retaining wall system. All the stones were tightly cut and fit together. Also incorporated into the walls is a set of flagstone steps made from 6” slabs that are snap cut to proper dimensions. Continue reading